major arcana

mercury beast
whispering bloodstream
painted all over your body
smothered in ashes and crushed dates syrup

run, come, slide
fight, look, bite
smell the tips of my kite
lurid and greedy and cruel.

magical beast
translucent bones and timid gaze
crush down your blue glass haze
and slip deep into mine.

lure and invite
posses and destroy and divide
lick your wounds, your tongue heavy with sorrow
and press your fangs in the dawn of tomorrow.

~ de freefortree pe noiembrie 15, 2012.

Un răspuns to “major arcana”

  1. … just talking today about „blue glass haze” and about miss and – now – I’m looking for the dawn of tomorrow … tomorrow will be another day to think to regain my soul and to stop my heart to harden … and the night will come with pain and grief ….

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