stained magnifying glass
the blue bells of the cathedral
dying of cholera.
blind dogs chasing the blue pieces falling from the steeple,
dancing ivy
climbing on the headless virgin.
old women covered in silk
kissing the holy stone feet,
pouring oil and blood and scents upon them-
i seek to know you.

forgive the featherless night
and drink the egg, he said
and put the shells on the lobes of your ears-
and touch the dawn’s teeth.

~ de freefortree pe noiembrie 10, 2012.

4 răspunsuri to “bluebird”

  1. şi-a amintit greierele că toamna se lasă cu cântec

  2. I read your poem, I closed my eyes and I could see pictures of breathtaking beauty … pictures coming from a magic but sad world, my love …

  3. Ora : si e tare bucuros de regasire! 😀

  4. 😀

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